Monday, April 1, 2013

Derby Census UK 2013 results!

Ladies and gentlemen, time to announce the results of the 2013 roller derby census!
Data numbers will be indicated by italics, but will be put into complete sentences for clarity.


Overall, there are 90 leagues in the UK.  By region within England, there are 18 in the south, 5 in the east, 16 in the midlands, 18 in the north.  Wales has 11, Scotland 21, and Northern Ireland 1.

Of these leagues, 40 have yet to contest a bout.  20 are just starting, 20 with a few through min skills/some mixed scrimmage experience.


Fully 50 leagues have bouted at least once in the last 12 months, and 26 contested more than 5.  The average bouting league contested 6.85 bouts in 2012.

A total of 322 team-bouts were contested, meaning if both teams in a bout were in the UK, that bout is counted as 2.  A total of 128 bouts and tournaments were hosted in 2012.

The average audience size was 217, with the highest attendance estimated at 1000 for a single bout!!


There are 1920 skaters through min skills, and 1557 fresh meat!  That means that the UK is almost 45% fresh meat.

The average league, thus, has just under 22 skaters through min skills, and just over 17 on their way.


Women's A-teams are a part of 64 leagues, B-teams 23, and C-teams 3.  Men's A-teams are part of 14 and B-teams part of 1 in 2012.  Co-ed teams are a part of 4 leagues.


There are 313 referees and 534 NSOs and non-skating team staffs.

Growth over time

Exponential growth, to me!  Well done getting the word out!


Non-mathematically, UK derby is blowin' up!  Over 3,000 skaters, nearly 100 leagues, well done you all!  Be proud of yourselves!

Roll Britannia!

The Fine Print

This data was collected by Stat Man with the kind assistance of Izzy Dauntless for the use of everybody.  Please feel free to use this information to help with venue negotiations, league advertising, etc.  If quoting numbers, we ask for an "According to the 2013 Derby Census" acknowledgement at least; if you would like to include names, we would be chuffed!  We hope this information helps the growth of your league or organisation specifically, and derby in general.  If you have any suggestions for next year's census, please post in the comments section!


  1. This is awesome, thanks Stat Man :-)

  2. Are you gonna release the full anonymised data set so we can play with the stats? Please please please please!

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  4. Interesting that Scotland seems to have many more leagues than we should have, proportional to population.

    My guess would be our low density makes it unpractical to travel to "neighbouring" leagues.

  5. Am trying to think of the 21 Scottish leagues but can't come up with that many. 3 mens (4 if The Jakeys count), 1 co-ed and 11 womens. Am interested to see who I've forgotten

  6. Have you released the data yet? It would be soo useful..