Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 15 & 16 bout guide

This weekend is the LAST for minors in the UK!  Boy, am I a happy man about that one!


#14 Hot Wheel look to settle yet another score against #25 Newcastle, who hold a 1-0 record in head to head competition.  A big win could see Hot Wheel overtake #13 Middlesbrough, or Newcastle overtake #24 Bristol.

#33 Tyne and Fear host #26 Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder in the first meeting of the two teams.  Lincolnshire here with an opportunity to finish 2012 with an unblemished record.

#58 SWAT challenge #47 Plymouth City in the SWUK tournament.  SWAT are currently undefeated, but their ranking took a nose dive when one of their early bouts expired.  Look for them to try to earn back that top position within the tournament, currently held by PCR.

Also in that tournament, Dorset and Kernow both have their 2nd bout.  This means that both will make their debut on the chart this Monday, and one will have a win to boot.

Finally, the #65 Bruising Banditas host #50 Newcastle [B] in the absolute FINAL minor-penalties bout in the UK EVER.  Luna, captain of the Banditas said that she hopes her team will "make this game a memorable swansong for the 2010 rule set."

Enjoy the derby, and cheer for every minor you see!!!

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