Sunday, September 9, 2012


So this weekend, the kind folks of Central City Rollergirls were kind enough to have me up to their bout to run stats.  What a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  If you ever get a chance, their venue is excellent--light and airy, and not too warm.

First off, Bristol took on Central City (B).  Bristol stuck to their good, old fashioned fundamental game.  Watching them play is really a lesson in archetypal derby.  They don't do fancy, they don't try to out-fox or out-wit their opponents.  They just plain out-skate, and it's elegant to watch.

One thing they did well was the "nestle crunch" block on jammers, hitting from both sides simultaneously.  Jammer's dropped to the floor, and also hit psychologically--I seriously doubt a jammer so hit won't be more timid approaching that wall a second time.

The headline bout had quite a few things worth noting.  Big Bucks, suffering from several injuries, were never able to really establish themselves on the track.  I do like their style of bench managing, though, with the flags for jammers.

However, the bench of note was Central City's.  They had one bench manager off the track, keeping the jammer up to date on Lead Jam status and when to call it.  As well, their management staff did a great job adjusting tactics and plays to suit the changing nature of the bout.  It's easy to see why they're a top 5 team.

Their pack work was elegantly designed and clearly well drilled.  Each of their blockers had slightly different roles on the track--wallers, bridgers, offensive blockers.  They didn't see the need to play a defensive-focused bout by just having solid 4-walls the entire time.  Their game was very defensively sound, and still showed variance and amazing levels of teamwork.

As well, they didn't really go for big hits, they did beautiful positional work.  They even had this drilled to the point where, as they would approach a turn, one blocker would just lightly throw the jammer off balance with minor contact.  As the turn was approaching, the jammer would be shocked to find herself in a (lucky) fan's lap!

Central City showed themselves to be the powerhouse their numbers suggest, and I can't wait until I can see them challenge LRG or LRR.  It'll be a fun one!

Roll on!

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