Monday, November 26, 2012

Greater UK Derby Chart, 26-November

Right, so we're in the countdown to my Christmas Awards, but I won't be publicly listing the rankings for those until I make the award.  However, here's the standard table.  Note the importance of bouts expiring, not just on bouts occurring.

The rankings presented here are in accordance with the rules and consider Rollin News as the authoritative source for bout scores concerning UK & Ireland teams.  If a score is not listed as open or public on that source, it will not be included in this ranking.

Disclaimer aside, here you go.

TeamWinsLossesRank Pts
1London Rollergirls 20244.3
2Glasgow Roller Derby 61170.0
3Central City Rollergirls 64130.2
4Rainy City Roller Girls 32119.2
+15Leeds Roller Dolls 44112.2
-16London Rockin Rollers 72111.9
7Auld Reekie Roller Girls 57111.5
8London Rollergirls [B] 30104.2
9Tiger Bay Brawlers 7265.8
10Big Bucks High Rollers 4453.1
11Brighton Rockers 5150.8
12Hellfire Harlots 6248.3
13Middlesbrough Milk Rollers 6242.5
14Hot Wheel Roller Derby 6439.7
+515Southern Discomfort 9139.2
-116Birmingham Blitz Dames 4437.8
+517Quad Guards 7235.2
-218Lincolnshire Bombers 2634.4
-219Sheffield Steel Roller Girls 2534.3
-220Dublin Roller Girls 5231.8
-221London Rollergirls [C] 1230.7
+322Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder 2029.8
-223Royal Windsor Rollergirls 4229.1
-124Croydon Roller Derby 4425.7
+125Bristol Roller Derby 7424.4
+526Tyne & Fear 7324.3
-327Newcastle Roller Girls 5423.4
28Dolly Rockit Rollers 4722.8
29Leeds Roller Dolls [B] 2321.7
-330Kent Rollergirls 3221.4
-131Glasgow Roller Derby [B] 5220.5
32London Rockin Rollers [B] 0320.3
+233Manchester Roller Derby 6419.8
-134Central City Rollergirls [B] 2419.8
+435The Expendables 4419.5
+536New Wheeled Order 4816.7
-337South West Angels of Terror 4116.7
-138Auld Reekie Roller Girls [B] 2314.6
+139Dundee Roller Girls 5114.3
+340The Inhuman League 51014.1
+141Granite City Roller Girls 1412.2
+242Liverpool Roller Birds 1611.7
+343Seaside Sirens Roller Girls 4311.2
+144Cork City Firebirds 0211.1
+245Imposters Roller Girls 239.2
+546Crash Test Brummies 169.2
+147Plymouth City Roller Girls 328.8
-1248Severn Roller Torrent 068.7
+149Romsey Town Rollerbillies 358.6
-150Rainy City Roller Girls [B] 338.0
-1351Cardiff Roller Collective 606.6
+152Newcastle Roller Girls [B] 716.5
+753Wolverhampton Honour Rollers 115.7
+254Sheffield Steel Roller Girls [B] 445.6
55Lincolnshire Bombers [B] 145.4
+1156Hulls Angels Roller Dames 065.0
-557Belfast Roller Derby 344.8
-458Central City Rollergirls [C] 304.2
+459The Jakey Bites 054.0
-260Dolly Rockit Rollers [B] 333.8
-261Tiger Bay Brawlers [B] 313.7
+262Milton Keynes Concrete Cows 513.1
-663Swansea City Slayers 342.9
-364Liverpool Roller Birds [B] 122.8
-365Dublin Roller Girls [B] 212.7
+1166Bruising Banditas 212.7
+1167Mean Valley Roller Girls 312.5
-->68Nottingham Roller Girls 022.4
+469Rebellion Roller Derby 432.3
70Oxford Roller Derby 352.0
-671Furness Firecrackers 141.9
72Middlesbrough Milk Rollers [B] 021.7
-473Portsmouth Roller Wenches 301.6
-874Fair City Rollers 041.5
+175Norfolk Brawds 221.5
-876Wakey Wheeled Cats 121.5
-677Limerick Roller Girls 021.4
-378Wiltshire Roller Derby 031.4
-579Fierce Valley Roller Girls 121.3
+180Hell's Belles 151.1
+281Bedfordshire Roller Girls 231.0
82Shoetown Slayers 030.9
-483Manchester Roller Derby [B] 120.9
-484Preston Rollergirls 110.8
-185Vendetta Vixens 050.6
86Evolution Rollergirls 120.5
-287Birmingham Blitz Dames [B] 020.3
-188Wirral Whipiteres 030.2

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