Thursday, November 8, 2012

UK & Ireland Derby Chart, 7 November

The rankings presented here are in accordance with the rules and consider Rollin News as the authoritative source for bout scores concerning UK & Ireland teams.  If a score is not listed as open or public on that source, it will not be included in this ranking.

Disclaimer aside, here you go.

Hope y'all like the new format, and the slightly improved data...

TeamWinsLossesRank Pts
1London Rollergirls20177.0
2Glasgow Roller Girls51144.7
3Central City Rollergirls61137.7
4London Rockin Rollers62124.1
5Auld Reekie Roller Girls46121.3
6Rainy City Roller Girls33115.4
7Leeds Roller Dolls34102.5
8London Rollergirls [B]3092.8
9Tiger Bay Brawlers6274.1
10Big Bucks High Rollers4371.2
11Hellfire Harlots5258.9
12Birmingham Blitz Dames4448.8
13Middlesbrough Milk Rollers6246.9
14Hot Wheel Roller Derby6446.8
15Brighton Rockers4145.1
16Sheffield Steel Roller Girls2540.9
17Lincolnshire Bombers2740.6
18Quad Guards7238.3
19Southern Discomfort8037.3
20Dublin Roller Girls5232.8
21Rolling Thunder2032.2
22Croydon Roller Derby4332.0
23Newcastle Roller Girls4427.6
24Bristol Harbour Harlots7527.3
25Dolly Rockit Rollers5727.1
26South West Angels of Terror3126.4
27Tyne & Fear7326.2
28Kent Rollergirls3226.0
29Royal Windsor Roller Girls4125.4
30London Rollergirls [C]1224.3
31London Rockin Rollers [B]2122.9
32Leeds Roller Dolls [B]2322.4
33Severn Roller Torrent1520.8
34The Expendables4420.7
35Glasgow Roller Girls [B]5220.1
36Manchester Roller Derby5520.1
37Central City Rollergirls [B]2419.4
38New Wheeled Order4818.6
39The Inhuman League4916.8
40Auld Reekie Roller Girls [B]2316.8
41Cardiff Roller Collective7016.4
42Dundee Roller Girls5112.6
43Liverpool Roller Birds1512.2
44Plymouth City Rollers2212.1
45Cork City Firebirds0211.7
46Impostors Roller Girls2210.5
47Crash Test Brummies1610.0
48Rainy City Roller Girls [B]439.7
49Granite City Roller Girls139.4
50Romsey Town Rollerbillies358.9
51Newcastle Roller Girls [B]716.8
52Seaside Sirens Roller Girls336.8
53Lincolnshire Bombers [B]146.7
54Belfast Roller Derby346.3
55Sheffield Steel Roller Girls [B]356.0
56Swansea City Slayers345.7
57Dolly Rockit Rollers [B]325.6
58Central City Rollergirls [C]305.5
59Tiger Bay Brawlers [B]314.3
60The Jakey Bites043.6
61Liverpool Roller Birds [B]123.1
62Dublin Roller Girls [B]212.7
63Milton Keynes Concrete Cows412.5
64Furness Firecrackers142.5
65Hulls Angels Roller Derby052.3
66Wolverhampton Honour Rollers112.2
67Fair City Rollers052.2
68Wakey Wheeled Cats132.2
69Middlesbrough Milk Rollers [B]022.0
70Fierce Valley Roller Girls021.9
71Oxford Roller Derby341.8
72Limerick Roller Girls021.5
73Rebellion Roller Derby331.3
74Norfolk Brawds221.3
75Wiltshire Roller Derby021.3
76Bruising Banditas201.0
77Mean Valley Roller Girls211.0
78Manchester Roller Derby [B]121.0
79Preston Rollergirls110.9
80Hell's Belles050.8
81Bedfordshire Roller Girls220.7
82Shoetown Slayers120.7
83Vendetta Vixens040.5
84Birmingham Blitz Dames [B]020.3
85Evolution Rollergirls120.2
86Wirral Whipiteres020.1
87Portsmouth Roller Wenches200.1


  1. quad guards?

    assuming its becuase of the tasty data from the MERDC

    1. Precisely. It'd be much, much harder to rank the men's teams without including Les Quad Guards.

    2. And we are proud to be a part of it ! we love you all derby guys and girls from UK :) (and StatMan too, of course ! )

      Big Jim from Quad Guards