Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stat Man's Christmas Awards

We're coming to the end of 2012.  As Derby has no official off season (something I'd like to see WFTDA, UKRDA, or someone like that correct) it seems to me that the Christmas holidays are the right time to stop skating for a moment and reflect on the derby that's taken place over the past year.  And what a year for derby it's been!

Sur5val, MERDC, and Track Queens provided great tournaments to watch, whilst England-USA became perhaps the most sought-after ticket in the sport.  LRG went to the States and won in the first round of the playoffs, and Helsinki brought the pain to Berlin.

I was lucky enough to see many leagues from all over the UK skate, as well as going as far as Malmö to see a rare triple-header.  Considering a derby trip?  Go see Crime City, no doubt.  Great hosts and great derby, what more you you ask for?

Besides just reflecting on how the year went, this Christmas holiday I want to take the time to honour a set of four leagues for their teams' performance over the year 2012.  Awards like this are not common in derby, but to me that seems silly.  After all, rankings are usually used to know who's better than whom.  Why not honour those best at it?

Thus, I am announcing the creation of Stat Man's Christmas Awards.  There are separate awards for Men's and Women's UK & Ireland teams in the following two categories:

--Freshman Leauge: The highest ranked A team who did not play a public, travel team bout in 2011.

--Most Improved: The team who's ranking most improved between Jan 1 2012 and now.

Both of these will be selected purely quantitatively, nowt but maths being used for the choices.  They will be announced on this blog the evening of Monday, 17th December, so that teams will know well enough before Christmas.

I've got the calculation already set up to run, good luck to everyone!  I can't wait to recognise four leagues on providing the mathematically best derby of 2012!  After all, it's why I'm called Stat Man.  Roll on!

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  1. Presumably that should be "quantitatively".